About Me

Hi, I’m Oly Trinity, a Travel Blogger with a Passion for Art, Photography, Travel blogging and enjoys travel around the world and shares her life’s experiences with her readers. I have always yearned to share my travels, life’s experiences and personal thoughts. What better way to do that than in a blog. Here you will read about my joys and moments of triumph, even the sad tribulations in my life. You can travel and walk with me in this new travel blog and experience the life of a travel blogger out to see the world with my readers.


Hello to everyone of my readers. This new Travel Blog, Philippines Travelogue (http://www.philippinestravelogue.ca/) is the sister company of my other Travel Blog, Lakbay Pilipinas (http://lakbaypilipinas.ca/) and mostly all the posts you’ve read from the older blog will also be available in this new travel/personal blog written by the same author.

I appreciate the time and effort that my readers have spent reading the articles that I’ve written with passion and perseverance. I’ve written journals of my travels here in Canada/US and in Europe that I’ve used as references for my posts in my travel blogs.
Every Blogger that I’ve known and travel blogs that I’ve read have their own style and preferences and my travel blog/personal blog is no exception. My experiences in travel and in life is my main inspiration in my Writings and also in my Photography.