The Summer of 2017 that never was . . .

The Summer of 2017 that never was . . .

It’s the first day of Fall 2017 and we are experiencing extreme heat. It’s called an “Indian Summer”! Three consecutive days of over 30 degrees Centigrade weather means a heat wave alert and we only got an extreme heat warning for today. In July, we only had 3 days of 30C separately so it didn’t qualify as a heat wave and no alert was issued. In August, there was a day of 30C weather but now in September, wow! A heat wave alert maybe but we just ended up with an extreme heat warning. No heat wave alert but it was still a scorcher, hot and humid day.

The Summer of 2017 was cooler than normal this year compared to 2016. The temperature hovered between the 30’s and 20’s mark, never exceeded the 30’s except for a few days while Europe sweltered in the 40’s and 50’s temperatures. Here in Eastern Canada, we are enjoying the Indian Summer weather, while Edmonton, Alberta already had their first snowfall of the year, up to 10 cm of snow. What a bummer! Summer, Fall or Winter, take your pick, jk. Last year we had our first heat wave before Summer even started, at the end of spring. And in the Summer of 2016, we had heat wave after heat wave which lasted all summer long. It was a real scorcher, the Summer of 2016 and this year was such a relief when we found out that summer will be cooler than normal and Autumn will be warmer than usual, isn’t that an irony. Now that Autumn is here, the winter season is not too far away, come December 21st, 2017. You know what that means. It will be Christmas soon. Hoping for a White Christmas this year. And for now, let’s enjoy the beautiful and colorful autumn trees and falling leaves…

Autumn Trees in Canada

Photos Courtesy of CTV Toronto News



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