My Own Impressions of Silliman U in the Philippines

My Own Impressions of Silliman University in Dumaguete City

The Artist in ME!

When I studied at Silliman University, I did some modern art paintings on my own free time at school that I never knew would one day mean so much to me.  I’ve always wanted to be an artist and a really good one at that. Then I told myself someday I will be and I am now after seeing these old art collections. I know that I am a real ARTIST by heart with an innate artistic talent born in me. One day I will realize my greatest Dream! And that DAY has come #LiveYourDreams. Enjoy the Art that you see now by Oly Trinity!

Silliman Hall & Museum

Silliman University Portals

This is the SU that I’ve loved and cared about. This is Silliman!!! See it and feel it in my old art paintings… I LUV SU.

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