Silliman U by the Sea in Dumaguete, Philippines

Silliman U by the Sea in Dumaguete, Philippines

College years in Silliman University was very memorable for me, not only did I find my Sweetheart from there, I also found the time to enjoy college life and endured some growing pains. Life in college wasn’t that easy at all, aside from the regular curriculum or the program of courses and the classes you have to attend, there were so many extracurricular activities and sports like basketball, volleyball, tennis or badminton. There were also Sororities and Fraternities that we have to attend and be members of certain groups. We didn’t only study but also had lots of fun along the way, while having friends and room mates to share our memories with. Since Basketball was one of my favorite sports, I participated with the team and attended their daily practice and tournaments for the school year. Sometimes I also play Tennis whenever I get some free time from my studies usually early in the morning before going to class.

College was a busy time studying, playing, attending classes, researching in the library and having fun especially when we get some free time to go to the beach for a swim and a picnic on weekends. There’s also Look-Out Point in Silliman U where a cottage up in the hills overlooking the city is available for faculty and students to use for some quiet time, rest and relaxation. When we went there I found this beautiful meadow full of colorful flowers when I ventured down the hill and went for a short walk all by myself. I’d call it “Poetry in the Wind”, the poem I wrote on that lovely day in the meadow full of flowers which I sometimes see in my dreams in color.

We also find the time to attend the musical programs and once I was a member of the Junior College Silliman Choir Group and we sang the favorite “September Song” as an introduction to the performances. The entire auditorium was dark and we have lined up the stage all ready to sing that beautiful song and as soon as our first note started to be sang, the lights were turned on simultaneously and the audience gave us a standing ovation. It was a beautiful presentation on our Foundation Day. Then the other groups had other musical presentations accompanied by the piano, guitars, violin and other musical instruments.

During the Provincial Athletic Meets, lots of competitive students participate in different sports; mostly basketball, volleyball, tennis or badminton. You have to attend rallies and meetings, then make the most out of it. We attend rallies to show our support to the things that we truly believe in and have the passion to live and love the things we like to do. Of course, we also love our studies and wanted to graduate and then find our place in the corporate world after attending our college years. Silliman University is a great place to study in college, not only did they offer great opportunities to learn but the place and surroundings also were so conducive to studies. All in all I had so much great memories studying there during my college years. Silliman University will always be close to my heart.

The Iconic Silliman University Hall and Museum.

The Silliman U Portals found at the Entrance of the University.

Silliman U Portals overlooking the Mountain view.

(Photos by Lakbay Pilipinas)





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