My College Years in Silliman U in B&W Only

My College Years in Silliman U in B&W Only

After I did a blog about my college years in Silliman U, I found some old B/W photos that I’d like to share with my readers. These photos were taken by my best friend Daisy, wherever you are now, thanks, I missed you. I remember her as a sweet young college kid who was always happy and had a smile for everyone. When she was around, she makes everyone happy and I made everyone laughed at some jokes and with my sense of humor, they love to just laugh it out.

I have a great BF in college but we were not together all the time. He was busy with his internship while I was still an undergraduate. We had to find time to be together whenever he has free time, and that’s not much for someone as busy as him. We have quality time as they call it. We enjoy each others company and have romantic dinners whenever possible or go to the movies if he is not busy. I call it stolen moments and he would laugh at my comments. He plays the guitar and when I see him some days carrying his guitar, we sit by the somewhat quiet boulevard and watch the sun set or sometimes he would sing me a beautiful song.

He was my first love and it was love at first sight really. When I saw him at the crowded airport after missing my flight home, I knew then that he was the One. He sat beside the old lady I was talking to and joined our conversation after he introduced himself. We were talking for a while and then the old lady’s flight was called so she had to leave us. Then we were alone together. I told him that I missed my connecting flight home and he told me he was early at the airport so he could watch the sunrise. He asked me to watch the magnificent sunrise with him at the upper observation deck. And when he took my hands to his, he never let go so we walked holding hands to the upper deck. There we watch that magnificent sunrise together and it was the start of our beautiful friendship. I had a stopover at his hometown so he pointed out their residence near there when we were landing at the airport. Then after the stopover I continued on my flight home. Before he left the plane, he gave me his address and we exchanged addresses, just like that.

Then we started our correspondence as soon as I got home. I wrote him a letter and he answered me back until the letters turned to love letters in pink envelopes. Then when summer came, I enrolled at SU and we meet again for the second time. This time it was lovelier than our first meeting. We dated, we talked, we laughed and ended up promising never to leave each other again. Even if Fate brought us together, in the end Fate wasn’t so kind and truthful to both of us. We parted and went our separate ways hoping someday we will meet yet again somewhere in time. That was the Summer of yester years, never to be forgotten until the end of time. Will we ever see each other again and meet each other somewhere, someplace? Who knows what fate lies beyond for both of us. Perhaps fate will be a bit kind the next time around.

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