Oly Trinity’s Collection of Essays – #Chapter 6

Oly Trinity’s Collection of Essays – #Chapter 6

Let’s Go Fly a Kite! ‎

Have you ever wished that you could fly a kite and let it soar in the wind all day long? Well, maybe not all day but for a short or long while and watch it catch a strong gust of wind flying up in the sky for as long as you can see it and hold on to the strings at the end of the kite. Well, I did and my wish came true after I bought these expensive kites and gave them away to my twin nieces so that the kids can enjoy flying the beautiful kites.

The other day was so windy, I decided to go out in an open area overlooking a soccer field and fly a kite. Not just one very ordinary 99 cents plastic kite held by weak bonds of sticks and strings but an expensive kite that I bought impulsively at a hobby store.

On one stormy day when I exited the highway because the roads were becoming impassable and dangerously wet, slippery and flooded by the heavy rains and an impending thunderstorm. Then I went to the nearest shopping mall in sight upon leaving the highway and parked my car. Since it was too early for shoppers to be at the mall, the parking lot was almost empty. I ran and went to the nearest entrance with my wobbly folding black umbrella (thank goodness I left it inside my car instead of leaving it in the trunk) and decided to wait it out until the storm passed or died down a bit.

Then I went to the almost empty food court and ordered a burger, fries and a pop drink. I paid for it and took it to one of the tables that I can find and had an early dinner. While I was eating at the fast food area, I looked around and I noticed a Hobby Store and they had a sale on kites. I’m tired of helping the kids fly their flimsy cheap kites so I thought I’d surprised them with a nice kite that is not made of plastic but a nylon kite held by real wires and sticks that won’t break against the strong winds.

I got up after eating my fast food order and went across to the Hobby Store. Since no one was there, the store sales person was glad to see a customer at hand. I was asked what kind of kite I wanted since I went straight to the kites section. I told him something that’s real, strong and durable. He chuckled and said that he knows what I meant, I must have shown a frustrated look on my face when he mentioned the word, “KITE”.

Yeah, I told him that I want to get a kite that can soar and fly up, up and away. He was so amused by my comment. What color did I have in mind and I told him maybe red and blue or a combination of both. He told me that he has a model that I might want to look over, it was red and blue and made of nylon. Wow, just the kind I’ve been looking for, I said to him. It was very expensive $75 for a kite but he said that it’s on sale at 75% off so it was priced at $19 each kite. What if it breaks easily, then it’s guaranteed so I can come back and they will fix it for free. Sounds like a great deal, so I ordered 2 kites. He was surprised and asked me, why I wanted two kites. Well, it’s for my twin nieces so he got to sell two kites and I got free strings for both kites. I just had to buy the kite string holders which I gladly did. By the time I was done buying kites at the hobby store, I looked out the mall and the rain have stopped so it’s time to get back on the road and go home with my new kites. On the weekend, weather permitting we will be flying these new kites at the park.  And we did fly those kites on that sunny weekend, Wohoo!!!


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