Oly Trinity’s Collection of Essays – #Chapter 5

Oly Trinity’s Collection of Essays – #Chapter 5

What Friendship Means to Me!

Re-posted from my previous blog:

“That’s what Friendship is all about.

Friendship is defined as the state of being a friend or a friendly relation. The definition in the dictionary for a friend is a person attached to another by feelings of affection or personal regard or a person who is on good terms with another and also a person or entity who gives assistance; patron; supporter (i.e. friends of the Toronto Symphony).

My definition of friends is that they are the people in your life who can be your ally, buddy, confidant or just good company in everyday life. They are the people that you can count on in times of crisis and who shares your joy at times when you are enjoying happiness and sometimes share your misery in times of sadness and sorrow.

True friends are those that stay with you through thick or thin and gives you support in times of needs. That’s what friends are for, a shoulder that you can lean on or even cry on sometimes.

It’s somebody who is there at a time when you need someone to talk to and if you don’t feel like talking; a real friend is the one who will sit by your side and hold your hands even in silence, there’s solace. No need for words to be spoken between true friends. Silence speaks for itself and consoles you. Your friend knows that you are there for better or worse times, now and forever. Sometimes just by being there is enough!

Sometimes in life you will find a Best Friend or a BFF (Best Friend Forever) and when you do find that special person, don’t ever let them go.

And to all of my dear family, friends and colleagues, I’m so grateful that all of you have blessed my heart and crossed path into my life. I am so happy to have touched the kindred souls of these lovely people who have come across and given graces into my happy life.

To all those kind and generous people, my devoted family and my dear friends, I’m deeply grateful. Thank you from the heart that cares for all of you and values your friendship.

Thank you very much. Merci beaucoup. Vielen Dank. Muchas gracias. Maraming salamat sa inyo. Ta ta ta. Thanks. TY.”



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