My own life-long Dream fulfilled!

My own life-long Dream fulfilled!

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Once I came across a great inspirational blogger/writer online and she inspired me to be what I really want to become ever since I can remember and that is to be a great Artist in my own right. My BIG Dream to be an Artist; become a painter, photographer, writer and poet; then all rolled into one. That’s my life time dream to be fulfilled.

After running into so many bumps and turns in life, I have come to the fork in this road of my very own existence and I am going to choose the road that’s less traveled as Robert Frost, my favorite poet once said, “Two roads diverged in a wood, and I-, -I took the one less traveled by, And that has made all the difference”. Now is the time for me to take this fork in the road, the one less traveled and somehow it will make a lot of difference because my passion and love for painting and art will reawaken, then will lead me to my life-long dream of fulfillment.

#Throwback – When I was in my grade school and high school, I was always called upon by our school officials to draw some beautiful motifs on our bulletin boards using colored chalks, before I write down any announcements for the school news. Then later on in our High School Graduation, I was awarded a gold medal as Artist of the Year, the first time such a medal for this award was given out and I was the first recipient. Then in college, I was still recognized as a very good artist after I included a sketch of Dr. Jose Rizal, our National Hero in my book report about his last farewell poem.

I always wanted to take Fine Arts or Architecture and Engineering (on scholarship grant since I graduated with honours in high school) in a University out of town but I chose to stay and take Business Courses instead in a College near my hometown, knowing that going too far away in college would only make me homesick. I gave up my chosen career in favor of a better chosen path.

Since I was also good at math, I have chosen a new career and take business courses hoping to land a good job as soon as I graduated and then I will pursue my other dreams from there in a stabilized life environment where I can afford the good things in life and more. Sure enough I did get a good job and my dream of being an artist was shelved in the back burner only to light up after so many years have passed and gone by.

Being an artist was all I wanted to be and take fine arts, but I didn’t and couldn’t at a time when artists used to starve just to fulfill their dreams of painting and become starving artists. I became a business student instead and that became my livelihood. I worked hard and saved a lot. Now that I have retired, I can be what I’ve always wanted to be an artist, then a big dream come true.

Finding the time and place to paint and be creative is another thing.  It’s easy to say that I want to be an artist and paint, but living the dream has so many obstacles, not so easy to be one good artist, but I will keep trying. Someday I will be a great and famous artist. And hopefully I’m on my way there. The road is full of bumps and detours but I will persevere and survive, I promised that to myself.

Then I got the travel bug and started to travel and see the world but halfway around the world, I had to come back to the real world and to my roots.  Back to reality after a long extended vacation in Europe.  Now, I am comfortably home again and yet still trying to be the artist that I have always wanted to be and it’s now or never, I told myself that.

As they say that once an artist; always an artist and I firmly believed that someday my dream will come true. I will become an artist!  And that tomorrow have finally come for me to fulfill my life-long dream! Thanks so much to Jacqueline Boone, my greatest inspiration in life! And with all her inspirational blogs, here I am ready to tackle any obstacles that come my way and face it head on with so much optimism, courage, and bravery within me now! I love being creative and artistic! That has always been my BIG DREAM!

My Comments on Jacqueline Boone’s Blog: (Reprinted from

OlyTrinity » 30. Jun, 2013

“Jacqueline, I’d like to thank you from the heart, my deepest gratitude for that beautiful love letter you wrote to the world. I luv it! yes, an artist’s dream did come true for me! God bless you always.”


Jacqueline » 30. Jun, 2013

“Thanks so much, OlyTrinity! :) That’s amazing that you’re an artist–what’s your favorite thing to paint? Blessings to you as well! <3″

OlyTrinity » 01. Jul, 2013

“I used to dabble with different mediums before, like oil paints, acrylics, watercolours, pastels and all but now I just want to paint in watercolours, so convenient/portable and I can paint anything/anywhere, nothing hinders anymore (a pad of watercolor paper, a brush, palette, jar of water & watercolors) is all i need to be creative and artistic.
I luv painting flowers, trees, birds, people, bldgs, landscape and anything that captures my imagination. It’s a big world out there! Someday I will paint ur cabin in the woods!
I took a photo of our Canada Flag, it’s shown on my FB cover page. We’re celebrating Canada Day here in Toronto today!”



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