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Nikon Updates for 05 November 2013

Nikon DSLR Retro now!
Nikon DF - A perfect blend of classic and modernNikon DF – A perfect blend of classic and modern

And the next Nikon Adventure is here today!

Ever since NIKON Digital Camera entered my bucket list, I have been busy learning every Nikon Camera functions in this awesome camera. Yes, I still love to use my CANON but I equally use them now, no more favoritism of some sort. Yes, Canon DSLR was my favorite camera brand and it still is my favorite but I have added another equally favorite brand: Nikon.

Whatever brand of camera I use now doesn’t really matter to me or my friends because it’s the end product, the photographs that really and truly matter to the photographer. I did make good photographs with my Canon SLR/DSLR cameras but now I will probably be creating better photos with these two great cameras, CANON and NIKON. As I’ve said earlier, I don’t really favor one over the other anymore. I’ve made my peace with Nikon and I am all for it now that I own 1, 2 & 3 Nikon Digital Cameras. And let’s not forget SONY or Kodak either, since Kodak was my very first camera as a kid. And there’s Olympus SLR, too. I got an Olympus Digital Camera now, top of the line Point and Shoot Digital Camera, the Olympus SP-800UZ that I often use as a back-up when my other DSLR or cameras run out of batteries on the road, even with spare ones they don’t last too long.

I have always loved taking photographs and one time I took a photo of a gold-dusted glass-panels covered building in downtown Toronto and the reflection I accidentally recorded was even more interesting than the photo of that reflective glass covered building itself. So from then on I started taking unusual reflections of a building on another building canvas, I should say camera view since I’m taking photos and not painting right now.

When you are picture taking candid shoots are better than posed ones. What I usually do at dinner parties is turn off my flash and take lots of photographs mostly candid shots and people don’t even realize that I am there taking their photos because the flash never triggers itself. No one even notices that I’ve been clicking my camera forever as long as I have some kind of existing light and capture the moments, then it’s okay because I can always add white balance enhancements or darken it later on. That’s the beauty of digital cameras, they are at your beck and call any time and always at your command. They are not really slaves but only a means to an end.

Some photography tips by Pros are really helpful if you put them into practice especially the part where you can freeze the action, take out the blur and make your photographs look awesome. There’s an option where you can take 3 photos at a time with one click of the shutter and this comprises with one off white balance, one normal, and the third, a little bit darker photo. Choose which one you like and delete the rest that you don’t like or need anymore. Sometimes I do an experimental photo of lights in motion at nighttime.

Once my sibling wanted to learn how to use an SLR camera. So I told her to buy a real nice SLR Camera and she purchased an Olympus OM-1 SLR with 50mm f/1.8 Zuiko Lens, and a 70-150mm f/4-5.6 Zuiko telephoto zoom lens. She wanted to learn by reading her manual first but I told her to forget the manual for now. Let’s go out and do some photo shoots and we did. How do I learn if I don’t read the manual first, she asked me. I told her to use the manual only and read whatever part she doesn’t understand in our photo shoot. Aside from that let’s do it and learn the practical way, also by trial and error. The more mistakes you make the more corrections you have to do, so consequently the more you learn by doing things. After a few sessions with my sibling she was ready to go on her own and to date she probably takes better photos than me. But knowing that I was there to teach her the pros and cons of photography makes me proud to be her mentor.

When my close friends envy my photography hobby, I ask them to try a new hobby like photography and I will be there to help and guide them from start like buying the camera they like and can afford, then start using it with my help and proper guidance, as long as I am free and not busy at work we can always go out and play their new adventure, their Photography hobby. They wonder sometimes why I have such talent and makes me proud to share them, too. That’s just the way I am, so eager to share my expertise in whatever I learned to do and proud to be a mentor. Now, I am not the only Photographer in our circle; my mom is my number one admirer so I bought her a Canon Camera and gave her a short lesson on how to use it. Voila, a few outings using her camera, later she became an expert photographer. My best friend didn’t know how to take good photos because she was too afraid to try taking photos and her friends criticizing the pictures. I let her use one of my old cameras and when she took better photos than her other friends who can’t and won’t dare say something about her photos especially when I am around. Later on her hobby became serious so I finally gave her my used Canon camera since I got new ones to use anyway. She probably would have bought a new camera by now.

Encouraging others and teaching them a new hobby is so rewarding for me when I’ve seen what lovely photographs they can take and be so proud they took those photos. Photography, like painting is one of my favorite hobbies. Learning it from scratch was not so easy since there was no one there to teach me so I learned it all by myself. A hobby so rewarding, I always encourage my nieces and nephews even when they were still kids. Of course, I start them with the kiddie cameras and then later on give them nice cameras on their birthdays or on Christmas as gifts and they really are happy to use it in their newly found hobby. Taking photographs is not only a good hobby but it is also a great adventure in life. With all these said and done, I rest my case, end my blog I mean.

Photo Courtesy of Nikon Canada

Have fun on your photography adventures as I keep telling my family and friends.  Also I can’t wait for Lytro’s camera breakthrough technology that will take over conventional digital cameras in the near future. Let’s all wait eagerly and see what the hype is all about. Remember the name ‘Lytro’ by Ren Ng, the company’s founder, CEO who said that he hopes “Lytro will reinvigorate — and eventually transform — the entire camera industry”.  “It has to be seen to be believed!” is the ‘buzz’ in the Photography world now.


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