Groundhog Day and Skiing

Updates for today, Groundhog Day and Skiing

Wiarton Willie, the Canadian Groundhog didn’t see his shadow today, thus Spring will come early! Good news, and everyone welcomes an early spring not another six weeks of mild winter but I never thought I’d ever say this; that I missed the real Canadian winter that is cold and snowy wherein we can go cross-country skiing at the Seneca Hills, King City Campus or at the Meadowvale Metro Zoo where they give out free skiing lessons before they show you around the skiing trails at the zoo area.

Winter is fun, you can go tobogganing at the hills in town or city where you live. You can go to Blue Mountain Ski Resort and go downhill skiing where most kids in school go on skiing field trips or go cross-country skiing at other ski resorts or conservation areas  nearby with marked trails and ski equipment rentals, if you don’t own a pair of skis, boots and ski poles. When you go skiing, you got to dress for the cold weather wearing a ski jacket and ski pants, winter scarf around your neck, a woolen hat to cover your head and ski gloves to keep your hands warm, while skiing and of course you have to be dressed up in layers of winter outfits. On Downhill Skiing you ride a ski lift up to the top of mountain and ski downhill with the rest of the skiers wearing downhill skis with  boots fastened to the skis and ski poles to maneuver around the ski bumps on the mountain ski area.

Whereas on Cross-Country Skiing you choose on groomed and track-set trails suited to beginner, intermediate and expert level skiers, usually there’s a chalet and café stop along the way to rest or have some hot chocolate, coffee or drinks and snacks.

You get a pair of waxed skis, special boots to go with skis and ski poles so that you can glide and ski on a wide area of trails that is provided only during daytime, no skiing allowed at night except on the downhill area which is well-lighted and groomed for downhill skiing only. Downhill Skiing is fun but quite dangerous if you fall or get into an accident.

Cross-Country Skiing is more fun and safer because you are just skiing and gliding along the marked trails so you can’t get lost and usually we go in groups to have more fun, skiing, snacking and having pictures of everyone enjoying their day out to go cross-country skiing in conservation areas with family and friends.

(Photos Courtesy of

 Toronto and Region Conservation Area – for The Living City

Kortright Centre for Conservation
9550 Pine Valley Drive in the City of Vaughan

Cross country ski the natural way on 5 kilometres of ungroomed trails:
Enjoy a snack and hot drink at our café, a great place to take a break and warm up
Skiing is dependant on weather conditions so call ahead for an update at 905-832-2289
Ski rentals are not available on-site
$6.50 per adult, $5.50 per senior/Student, children 15 and under are free WITH FAMILIES.
Hours of operation for Kortright:
Weekdays: 9 am – 4 pm
Weekends: 10 am- 4pm

Albion Hills Conservation Area
16500 Hwy 50, 8 km north of Bolton

Enjoy winter this year – go cross country skiing at Albion Hills!
Situated on 446 hectares (1,200 acres) of beautiful forest within the hills of Caledon
26 kilometres of groomed and track-set trails suited to beginner, intermediate and expert level skiers
Skating technique is available on the Black Trail
Equipment rentals are available along with waxes and other supplies
A heated chalet is available and operates a cafe for your convenience

Tobogganing, snowshoeing and ice skating are also available at Albion Hills as conditions permit
Discounts are available on ski packages for groups of 20 or more by reservation only Monday through Friday
Albion Hills is located in Caledon at 16500 Highway 50, eight kilometers north of Bolton. Open seven days a week (as conditions permit).
9:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.

9:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. in December and January
9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. in February and March

Group Bookings (20+): 416-667-6295

(photo courtesy of TRCA-Toronto and Region Conservation Area – for The Living City)

Cross Country Skiing TRCA

Hit the trails with your family and friends! Albion Hills Conservation Area has great groomed trails for the cross-country skiing – an excellent way to stay active this winter while enjoying the outdoors.Weather conditions apply. Some equipment rentals are available for an additional fee and Parks memberships are also available.

For further information, rates and trail conditions call (905) 880-4855 or 1 (800) 838-9921 or visit or


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