Giving up that Dream Job for another priority in my Life!

 Why did I have to give up my dream job?

There has to be a good reason for me to just give up something so great a job prospect, being an Executive Assistant to the Manager of a very important Department in the financial industry. Better than good was my reason, I have a new priority in my life, my mom!

And to me nothing else mattered at that moment in time, not even giving up a dream job that was within my reach. I was already getting there so fast and all I needed was to ask for that dream job to be mine. Another University student was also aiming for that executive assistant job, but she still have a long way to go, three more semesters for her to get that job and I, on the other hand have my foot already planted at the door of opportunity. All I had to do was knock on that door and get the Manager to offer me the job after I have gained her trust and then hire me sooner or later.

But in the end, I guess that dream job wasn’t meant for me. I had to give it up for another priority in my life, one that has much more important meaning than any other jobs, being a volunteer to be the family’s caregiver to our mom who had a mild stroke so recently before I gave up my job at the banking world.

Losing a dream job that was within my reach wasn’t so easy to take but then I have other dreams to chase for now. Upon my retirement and having new priorities in life, then my other dreams can come true. This time I am talking about my dream of becoming a good artist, photographer, writer and poet. It’s something that I have always wanted to be, a ‘childhood dream’ come true!



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